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96kHz 24bit Super Hi-Res Drum Library
Kontakt and FREE Kontakt player

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The demo version is available for Kontakt full version or Free Kontakt player, and is limited to 15 minutes. (17GB. Firefox is recommended.)

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Drum Tree Introduction Movie
Demonstration at Frankfurt messe 2017
*96kHz/24bit original WAV files are downloadable for serious producers.

You can compare Drum Tree with other major drum libraries here. Soundcloud from RockoN Company | Buyer’s Guide 2017

Super high resolution drums

Delightfully hip and funky essence in 96kHz/24bit.
Drum Tree Player included. No extra software required! (Powered by Kontakt)
M y name is Ichiro, and I am an experienced sound engineer. Over the years, I have spent the majority of my everyday life mixing and mastering hundreds of songs, and I always struggle to repair the effects caused by the drum libraries that many clients use in their tracks.
Some areas that I feel current drum libraries on the market are lacking in:
  • Almost all are under 48kHz
  • First impression is good, but lack of energy in the mix
  • High center of gravity, unstable sound balance
  • Poor recordings (strange peaks and drops, undesired low frequency waves etc.)
  • Amateurish, unnatural sounds due to intense overuse of EQ
  • Too much room reverb
Drum Tree is crafted and mastered to resolve all of the above and therefore meets the standards of any professional.
Behind its cute and colorful design, Drum Tree packs a serious punch and is the heaviest hitting, energy filled software on the market. It makes itself stand up clearly in crowded tracks without pushing faders.

Install that “Greatest Hits” flavor to your song

The great tracks of tomorrow originate here
R ecording, performing or choosing an instrument, the technical approach is very different between each music category. But now you won’t need advanced knowledge to create the sound you are looking for.
Rather than choosing between drum kits, Drum Tree is divided into genre categories, which allow you to quickly access the type of sound you want and give your music some of that “Greatest Hits” flavor.
At just the click of a button, the typical drum sounds of 26 music categories are available in your studio. There is also plenty of creative freedom when it comes to swapping between 41 snares, 27 hi-hats, and 67 cymbals.
drumtree_display The sound provided is mastered and finished, leaving no work for a mixing engineer. It also means the user won’t need to worry about any EQ or compressors.

Good drums make your music even better

It’s like getting a qualified engineer to mix your songs everyday.
dedemics Drum Tree is a product that, through tremendous cost, effort and dedication has pursued and captured the techniques of the legendary songs, genre by genre and with the utmost respect.
D rums are at the core of mixing, the range of your music will not only increase, but you will get an insight into the wider campus and be encouraged to increase the range of vocals and other instruments.
You will be amazed at how well the sound stands up under the limiter during mastering. If you compare our specially produced 96kHz sound with any other software, you will be able to hear a clear difference, even on iPhone earphones.
What Drum Tree offers is the thrill of finding that perfect sound you are looking for.
tumblr_o3b6ucpotn1v9ew94o1_1280 Drum Tree can of course be used in 44.1kHz or 48kHz, but we recommend playing it in 96kHz. It's much better without the sampler's automatic sample rate converter.
premier_studio800 Mastered @ PREMIER Mastering Studio. Let the sun shine inspiration down on you, as you devote yourself to creating that great song.
tumblr_o3wqqgypmj1v9ew94o1_1200 Everything was treated with analog gear by a dedicated sound engineer with over 15 years of experience in the business. Therefore, unless you have some very particular sound, you are better off not using plugins.
Lavry Gold AD122-96 I didn’t want to intentionally create poor quality sound just to mimic the recordings of old, rather I mixed the classic recording method with the 21st century and digital era of 2016, using the newest and best equipment. I used multiple Lavry AD122-96 for recording, not just for mastering.
Western Electric Tubes One example of a method I implemented to add sweet and smooth flavor to the recording, was the use of an original custom box of Western Electric tubes for some of the vintage kits, one of my favourite pieces of gear.
Cymbal on Snare Not only simple snares, plenty of brush work and multiple effect snares with cymbals and tambourine are available.

Simple, Easy, Fast

The Various options to help you produce rich sounds, full of human expression with simple midi.

Sustain pedal kick mode

Sustain pedal kick mode allows you to hit kicks velocity at 100 (C1) using your foot with piano pedal, like a drummer. 

Cycle Round Robin

Each key has plenty of sample layers (max 54 layers). Every key has 2 cycle round robins alternating between right and left hand.

Cute humanizing option

The velocity randomizer is intelligently distributed and expands into a maximum of 8 round robins in the direction the creator wants.

Therefore, usually the snare and kick maintain perfect results, even if the velocity always stays at 100. No Joke.

Roll Activation Switch

Using the piano pedal allows you to hold a sextuplet note. Sextuplet notes and 32nd note rolls can also be achieved through A0 and B0 key switches.

This is a very useful feature that gives you great creativity, such as introducing snare ghost notes, cymbal rolls and double kick which can be difficult to do manually.
Tempo, accent, and humanity are all adjustable. It will follow the tempo of your host while it is running.

Checking Results Easily with "Play Demo"

Playing the MIDI demo feature helps you to see the difference of your edit in real time. You can also register your own midi preset for demo by simply putting it in the "Patterns folder."

The Cymbal Mute option

This option allows you to mute all cymbals with the G0 key.

Create your own original kit

Learn from the past and create the future sound

Save and load your own kit at any time. Your files are saved in a simple midi format which allows you to take your own personal drum kit, on USB stick, to any other studio that has Drum Tree installed.

Drum Tree Mixer

Automation and midi control are available by right clicking knobs.

"Tree" represents the past, present and future. Our product incorporates the history of music culture, not in an attempt to mimic it, but to utilise it in making the next generation of music. This why so much sound editing freedom is included in Drum Tree.
  • Individually adjust the output, level, pan, gate, tuning and low cut features of each elements in the specialized Drum Tree mixer.
  • Individually swap snare, hat, cymbals and kit, in and out freely. You’re welcome to try any crazy combination! You can set 4 cymbals at the same time.
  • Room ambience comes built in. We have recorded 2 impulse responses in the studio. You will get Ast and Bst real room reverb, controlled through one knob.

Drum Tree - Program list

Drum Tree Keymap
Drum Tree Program List (PDF)
Drum Tree Manual English (PDF)
Mixing Tips with Drum Tree  

User Review

Credit where credit is due


We are extremely grateful to our wonderful drummers Akihito Yoshikawa, Shun Ishikawa and Kazuaki Yokoyama for their wonderful performances.


To be able to include all the features we were hoping to, we collaborated with AIKE (of international space station fame) for our GUI programming. We wish to express our thanks to them for working with us on all of our various requests.


We would like to thank Satoshi Matsuzawa, Sosuke Hirai and Mamiko Nishi for their fantastic work in creating the design of Drum Tree.


We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Akihito Yoshikawa and Studio Dede in Tokyo, for so freely allowing us the use of their drum kits and bearing with us through all the long nights and countless hours spent trying to capture that perfect sound. And also would like to thank Nobuyoshi Nakazawa, Hiroshi Sasabuchi for giving nice drum kits.

Sound Engineer

The engineer and producer of Drum Tree, Ichiro.
Ease of use and GUI may be important but our motto at PREMIER SOUND FACTORY is, “All I need is excellent sound.”


We would also like to thank You for taking the time to read all the way down through this page. It brings great joy to us at the PREMIER team to think that users will be producing wonderful music throughout the world with the advantages of Drum Tree.

Drum Tree - Specification

Instrument type: KONTAKT Instrument
For use with: FREE KONTAKT 5 PLAYER (included in free KOMPLETE PLAYERS), or KONTAKT 5(version 5.5.2 or higher)
Sound category: Acoustic Drums
Number of sounds: Limitless patterns organized in 26 music categories
Download size (Mac/PC): 17 GB
System requirements: Mac OSX 10.9 or higher (64bit only) Windows7 or higher (64bit only) 4GB RAM, 17GB free disk spacePlease also see the KONTAKT 5 PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT 5 PLAYER FAQ
Supported Interfaces: Stand-alone Audio Units VST ASIO Core Audio WASAPI AAX Native (Win: Pro Tools 10 or higher, Mac: Pro Tools11 or higher)
DAW: Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Studio One, Pro Tools, Ableton-Live, Digital Performer, Reaper, Sonar etc...
Sample Rate: 96kHz / 24bit
Number of Samples: 8,000 Samples
Number of Drums:
    • Kicks & Toms: 25 variations from 8 kits
    • Snares: 41 variations from 13 snares
    • Hihats: 27 variations
    • Rides & Crash cymbals: 67 variations from 25 cymbals
Total: 185 piece
Number of Sample Layers: Max 54 layers (Max 27 Velocities)
Cycle round-robin 2 (Max 8 with Cute humanizing option)
Channels: Mono and Stereo
Powered By Kontakt Native Instruments STUDIO Dede musik messe
Rock On 宮地楽器 beat cloud JBG音楽院 Acoustic Revive


Highest Quality of Software Instruments & Samples for Professional Producers.
The cross grade to “KONTAKT” full version needed to use our other products except Drum Tree.

BASS Sound Library Recommendation

When it comes to Bass, our company provides two energy filled sound libraries, Bass Premier 96k and Acoustic Bass Premier 2, which have been carefully made with the exact same philosophy behind Drum Tree: to respectfully capture and maintain the driving force of each sound, which becomes the stability of any track. Seeing as these products were created by the same engineer, not only is there no need for EQ, they are naturally an ideal match for Drum Tree. It goes without saying that the successful combination of Drum and Bass is the most important foundation to any musical composition. Regardless of the sound library you end up choosing, it’s worth giving some consideration!

464x464xBass_Premier_96K.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Uw71iLdqfx 464x464xAcoustic_Bass_Premier_2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.gatKl0vug2
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